Creating a story of Superheroes

At the beggining of the activity i thought that it will be a boring activity, but when the teacher started to explain to us the second part of the activity, it changed my idea completely. The first section of the activity, consist con creating our own superheroes at home, and this was very boring, because we understood this part as a way for having homework, and as everybody should know, homework is something boring to almost all the people.
But the second activity was more dynamic because consist on make a story with others superheroes that the partners has made. This elaboration of the story requires a high use and development of our imagination and creativity. This aspects are going to be very important for our future as teachers.
I consider that this activity will encourage our minds for the use of them in a different way, because this type of activity, seems different than the others that we have been doing during the whole grade, so we have to take this into account to observe that there are not only one way of doing things, there are many ways of develop interesting activities with children for the use of their minds.
This activity uses the high order of thinking that we have been speaking during the whole grade in relation with the clill method, because the aim of the practical activity is to create something from nothing, and this is the last step in the clill method, so this activity is directly related with clill, and because of this it have a lot of importance in our formation.
On the other hand we can’t confuse the elaboration of a story in a didactic way, with the elaboration a story un a funny way, because, it is important to give a cronological and logical order to the activity, and if we take it as a funny activity, it will be presented the ausence of a logical thinking for the activity.
In conclusion this activity have make me reflect a lot because i develop my own thinking as a pupil and it reminds me when i was young and i have a behaviour of a child, like using in a ”crazy” way our imagination as we were playing with toys or something like that.
So i would recomend you to do an activity similar to this, because you will feel better.

2 thoughts on “Creating a story of Superheroes

  1. Hi Diego! I decided commenting on you because I also liked the activity that was carried out in class last Tuesday. I had a similar feeling as you with the creation of the character. Even though I didn’t thought it was a boring activity because I love stories and I liked the idea of creating our own character, I was a bit lost about the purpose of this activity. However, last big group session was so fun. I really enjoyed all our presentation, they were so funny. There’s no doubt, we all have a lot of imagination and we are very creative! Don’t you think so?
    It is true that we are including HOTS in this activity, we are creating. In my opinion this type of activity is not only motivating and fun for students but also meaningful. On the one hand, they will be able to lead with a lot of topics or even contents from the curriculum and also they were working in groups and developing their creativeness and imagination. As we already know, children’s imagination can, in some cases, exceed the limits so I’m looking forward to carry it out with my pupils as soon as possible. It could be even more fun than it was in our university class!

  2. Hi Diego! I have decided to write you because I have read your post and I think you have interesting points.
    You have started talking about the first part of creating our carácter and here I have tos ay that I do not agree with you in the aspect that you say it was a boring activity. In my opinión, the first part of the activity was more important since we had to use our imagination to created a new carácter following steps and with this we could show our creativity skills. This part was essential because then, we have to join several of these characters and create a story. For me, this part was amazing because I had a lot of ideas and finally I decided which of them were the best to create my character and for my it was an emotional experience through the fantasy.
    On the other hand, I agree with you when you say that the second part was a fantastic activity. In this part we had characters very different between ones and others and also it was a exciting activity in which we had to use our imagination in group and create a story. In my group, there were some characters without drawing so it was funny for us imagine the character that other classmate did. Also we included songs for each character so this part was very funny.
    AS you have said, this kind of activities are important and motiviting for children and they have the opportunity to improve different skills like creativity, communication or literacy in a funny way so I encourage to use this activities in your class.

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