FI4, Eskola Maija, Sarajärvi Henna, Autto Leevi, Bucht Saku, Jarvis Jonathan

Fi4, Eskola Maija, Sarajärvi Henna, Autto Leevi, Bucht Saku, Jarvis Jonathan, BEATER

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  1. Sp4 says:

    Hello! It is a pleasure work with you and see the pictures that you upload to the blog.
    The work you have done is beautiful. We like the contrast it creates between your body and the metal structure, which are lights colors, and the brown color of the building. It is very interesting that the sculpture is hanging on a wall because here in Spain we are not used to seeing this kind of art in our buildings. Technically, it’s a wonderful photographic montage. It’s hard to cut all bodies and integrate them into the picture as you did, you were also very good models. In addition, we doubted if the text was really there or not, because it is a good job of positioning.

    By translating the text we had “drops” and quickly, we understood that your bodies were raindrops falling. Also you are holding on to the sculpture as if you wanted to say that art is what helps man not to collapse. Maybe with this poster you are trying to show the connection between humans, nature and the work of art. Obviously humans are linked to artwork because they create it and in this case the sculpture is outside so it has a close relationship with natural phenomena such as rain.
    Finally, we think that the work that you have chosen is interesting and we like how you worked the poster. We hope to have come close to the meaning that you wanted to give to this image. We look forward to know more about this sculpture and why it was in a wall.

    Best regards,
    Rebeca and Clara.

    • FI4 says:

      The name of this artwork is “Teräskonstruktio” which means “Steel structure.” It was constructed in 1986 by Kari Huhtamo. We chose this piece of art because it looks like a Finnish rug rack. A rug rack is a structure on which one cleans their rugs by beating them with a rug beater. This is an integral part of the Finnish culture. When your neighbour takes his/her rugs outside to be beaten, you know that it’s time to close the windows, because you will start to hear the “gun shots” of the rugs being beaten in a moment. In the picture, our group is depicted as hanging from the rug rack, and one of us is holding a rug beater threateningly. Hence, we named our picture “Piiska” which means “beater.” It’s the wonderful device that makes the magic happen!

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